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Welcome to iGV for Moldova

Hello friend, I'm glad you're here, you are looking for a Global Volunteer project? It's the right place for you then.

Who are we?

We are a YOUTH leadership movement and we provide EXCHANGE experiences within 115+ countries. If you are interested in having the best 6 weeks experience in your life you MUST come to Moldova, our people are waiting for you, we can provide you the best experience with the best memories ever, come to Moldova, join our HORA and Make your EXPERIENCE REAL!
HORA /horă/- traditional Moldovan dance
P.S. Come to Moldova and we'll teach you how to dance it!

Facts about Moldova

Moldova - the country known for it's wine and vineyards, It has a whole day dedicated to wine. Actually, it's more of a two-day event. Wine producers open up their homes and vineyards to the masses in October for National Wine Day. Wine tastings are cheap, and there's even a free bus to shuttle you between wineries.
P.S. Did you know that Moldova has the shape of a grape and here you can find the best wines at a very goo price?
Moldovans speak either Romanian, which is the native language, Russian or Gagauz. Some speak all three.
Moldova has a breakaway territory. The region known as Transnistria declared independence from Moldova in 1990. However, the region, which has its own currency and border controls, is not officially recognised by any member of the United Nations.

How expensive is it to stay in Moldova?

Some of our visitors, tourists and EPs would say "not at all".Curious? I'll let you know the prices for some basic roducts and services:
So, what now, are you getting your stuff packed alreday?
We want YOUth in our country <3